4 Tips For A Successful Product Launch

When you and your team have spent so much time perfecting a product or service, it would only make sense to introduce it to the world with a bang.

Getting people excited about it, building a buzz, and gathering the right audience can all be achieved through a well-organized product launch. But how can you set up a successful launch? Beyond all the advertising materials that clutter your everyday life — online and offline, creating a good event marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your launch. Here are some of the ways how:

1 – Get to know your buyer persona

As with anything related to marketing, you have to go through a good amount of research about your target market. When you finally have a basic understanding of consumer behavior, it’s time to learn more about how the appropriate channels to reach this market.

Who are the personalities that are best affiliated with your product’s respective industry? What kind of event are they most likely to respond to? Will this draw in the crowd you want? Looking into your buyer persona further is the best way to begin the primary steps of setting up your launch.

2 – Establish a product narrative

Stories sell, and we’re sure your product or service has one to tell. What pushed you to create your product or service? Who is it for? What small details regarding the product or service should people pay attention to and why should it matter to them?

Keep in mind that there’s no better message to communicate than a sincere story that your target market can resonate with. And there’s definitely no better time to tell the world about this story than on your product launch’s marketing campaign.

3 – Choose the right channels

It’s understandable that you might want an influx of people coming in, but pitching to the wrong audience will only lead you to greater risk of wasted ad funds.

While it may initially seem like a good idea to post on every social media platform available or reach out via every marketing channel possible, it’s actually best to boil it down to a select few. Know which channels are best suited for your product, and invest in those select few.

4 – Don’t stop with the launch event

Contrary to popular belief, “success” is not just measurable by the day of the event itself, but the amount of buzz you’re able to maintain afterward. Many times, brands build so much hype before and during their product’s/service’s launch, only to lose momentum once it’s over. What’s the point of an amazing event if it doesn’t really leave much of an impact?


Creating and sending out follow-up emails, releasing publicity material on free trials and demos, and launching more in-depth activities are great for keeping the buzz going.
This is only the tip of the event marketing iceberg. For lots of start-ups and smaller businesses, it can get overwhelming organizing a well-strategized product launch. This is where your event marketing agency, Momentum Event Marketing, comes in.

With years of experience in digital marketing and bringing small and local businesses to greater levels, we’ve got your product launch covered — before, during and after.